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Nanning Tea Expo: the charm of China ASEAN first tea exhibition

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From November 7 to 10, the 4th China (Nanning) International Tea Industry Exposition and Purple Sand, Ceramics and Teaware Exhibition will be held in Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center. The 4th Nanning Tea Expo will be "based on the radiation of ASEAN in Nanning" and further strive to build "China-ASEAN First Tea Exhibition".

Guangxi is a major tea producing area in China and a well-known major tea producing area in the country. The suitable tea producing areas are rich in resources and widely distributed. The five tea producing areas in western, southern, central, Eastern and Northern Guangxi are dominant in the eight regions of Guangxi, with obvious advantages in the development of tea industry. Nanning, as the capital of Guangxi, borders Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Qiong in the east, and India Peninsula in the west. It relies on the southwest and faces southeast Asia. It has unique geographical and geographical advantages. There is a huge space for the development of tea market. With the construction and development of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Development Zone in 2008 and the establishment of China-ASEAN Free Trade Zone in 2010, Nanning has more business opportunities for ASEAN.

In 2011, the first Nanning Tea Expo, sponsored by Huajuchen, a well-known Chinese tea exhibition planning company, came into being with the trend of "basing itself on Nanning, radiating ASEAN and influencing the world". The first exhibition won with 10,000 square meters of exhibition area, 430 international booths, 35 million yuan of on-site transactions and 130 million yuan of orders. With the efforts of the 2nd and 3rd sessions, Nanning Tea Fair became the first professional, large-scale tea distribution, franchise, investment and gift tea customization one-stop trading platform. At this point, the Nanning Tea Expo "China ASEAN first tea exhibition" image is highlighted.

In recent years, with the development of tea market in Guangxi and the increasing economic and trade exchanges between Nanning, ASEAN and even the international community, the function and importance of Nanning Professional Tea Exposition will become increasingly prominent, and the growth and expansion of the platform will also be an inevitable trend. The Nanning Tea Fair is recognizing this point in a forward-looking way.

This year, Nanning Tea Expo will usher in the 4th session. On the basis of the past, the organizer, Mr. Hua Jucheng, will further integrate the tea industry chain in Guangxi and the whole domestic industry resources to provide an effective platform for the development and rooting of excellent tea brands and tea enterprises from the whole country, as well as for the participation in international competition. At the same time, through the continuous construction of the "China-ASEAN First Tea Exhibition", we will build a strong "Nanning Platform" for the development of China-ASEAN tea industry, so as to promote the Chinese tea industry army to step out of the country, into ASEAN, and more towards the world.

In the past three years, with the increasing influence of Nanning Tea Fair, more and more tea manufacturers hope to seek a new height of development through the platform of Nanning Tea Fair. Yiyang Tea Factory, Hunan Zhongcha, Jiuyang, Six Great Tea Hills, Chen Sheng-hong, Dry Storage Taste, Tulin, Yuncha Impression, Guohao, Yulin Ancient Tea House, Douji, Baolushan, Guanglong, Baizhongtang, Yangbing, Mengleshan, Tianhong, Fengning, Lao Man'e, Li Jiguzhuang, Junde Tea Industry, Richuan Dancong, Jiangxi Wu Brand Tea Industry, Zhengzheng More and more new and old customers such as Guizhou Green Tea, Tang Minghuang of Taiwan, Tiangan Tea of Taiwan, Zhenqin Tea Industry of Taiwan, etc. are coming to the exhibition. More and more tea brands are rushing to Nanning, building the "China-ASEAN First Tea Exhibition" with Huajuchen, and going to the prosperous and beautiful prospect of Chinese tea industry.

In November, green city Nanning, Jiaming gathered, tea merchants gathered. I believe that the fourth Nanning Tea Expo full of green hope of Chinese tea will be able to meet the expectations and achieve good results.