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"Four carriages" lead Anxi Tieguanyin autumn tea market

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Since the autumn tea came into the market, when you enter Anxi's tea shop, you will see a pack of tea piled up in the shape of a hill. Tea merchants are busy breaking up the purchased tea, reassembling it, and then sending it to all parts of the country. All kinds of Tieguanyin autumn tea activities are also in full swing in Anxi. According to the relevant personages of Anxi County Government, this autumn tea, base tea, leading enterprises, e-commerce, emerging sales areas, "four carriages" lead the market, becoming the four "blue chip" plates of Tieguanyin Anxi.

Base tea prices are high and sales are good.

When autumn tea was on the market, a tea cooperative in Gande set a daily maximum sales of 18,000 jin, with an average sales of 10,000 jin. The cooperative is one of the largest, most member and best performing cooperatives in Anxi. "There are seven or eight hundred tea farmers in the cooperative. They send their newly made wool tea to the cooperative's purchasing station every day. I see more than 1,000 tea samples every day." The head of the cooperative said that all the tea purchased by the cooperative came from its members, while about two-thirds of the members sold the tea to the cooperative and one-third to the tea merchants. Cooperatives early implemented the "four-fold physical examination" measures for tea, tea quality and safety is guaranteed, so many large tea enterprises have long cooperated with them to buy raw materials. According to him, during the production of autumn tea this year, there was a rare good weather. The quality of autumn tea is very good and the cost-effective ratio is very high. Like the cooperative, some tea professional cooperatives in Xiping Town and Taozhou Township mainly buy tea from their members. According to the briefing, the tea produced by members was bought by cooperative 100%, and the price is much higher than that of the market. The average price of the former is more than 100 yuan, while many members of the latter make wild tea with very low yield, so the average price of the latter reaches more than 200 yuan per kilogram. Every member of the household only gets about fifty thousand yuan in autumn tea alone. Therefore, members of the community have no worries at all, and devote themselves to studying tea making to improve their tea making skills. Cooperatives also give guidance, the former cooperatives from the cooperatives produced, purchased tea every day to evaluate the best quality of a bubble of tea, more than 10 days to evaluate a total of 10 good tea, and finally from more than 10 good tea to judge the best tea. The total weight of the top-quality tea is only two or three kilograms. The price of the tea was 9,800 yuan per kilogram at the recent autumn tea tasting meeting held by the enterprise. In the process of selection, the level of tea-making of the members was also improved.

Leading enterprise innovation leads the market

In terms of product innovation, leading enterprises have developed and launched a large number of standardized, fashionable, popular and convenient fast-disappearing tea products. In terms of channel innovation, traditional tea enterprises have been electric shock, online and offline, interactive development. In terms of technological innovation, Oolong Tea Automation, Cleaning and High Efficiency Production Line has been successfully developed and used in leading enterprises. In terms of value innovation, the marketing model further moves from selling products to selling services, selling culture, selling creativity and selling ecology; from drinking as the main trend to tea drinking, tea catering, tea therapy, tea machinery, tea packaging, tea tourism. Since autumn tea came into the market, the quantity of wool tea purchased by brand tea enterprises in Gande, Longjuan, Xianghua, Xiping and other major tea producing Township agreement bases has increased by 5%-10% compared with the same period last year.

Electricity supplier tea price increase 40%

Since the autumn tea came into the market, the average price of a tea supplier has reached 180 yuan. Su Qingyang, vice president of Quanzhou E-commerce Association, said that e-commerce, like traditional stores, should also be able to retain old customers. In order to achieve this, besides ensuring the quality and safety of tea, the price of tea must be relatively stable. For example, the price of 300 yuan a catty of tea, taste and quality should be consistent for a long time, e-commerce can not sometimes take 200 yuan, sometimes 400 yuan of tea to consumers. "E-commerce marketing can be rich and colorful, but low price can not be low quality, nor can other tea or tea powder impersonate Tieguanyin, otherwise it will destroy the Tieguanyin brand." The marketing of e-commerce needs to be innovated constantly. Recently, the company has launched online tea selling competitions for college students in Fujian Province. Next, the company is preparing to go to some big cities in China to hold tea friends'meetings and serve consumers.

New sales area Tieguanyin performance eye-catching

According to the relevant personages of Anxi County Government, this autumn tea market in Fujian, Guangdong and the Yangtze River Valley has maintained a steady trend, while the Northwest Emerging Sales Areas represented by Shaanxi, Gansu and Inner Mongolia, and the South China Emerging Sales Areas represented by Hainan and Guangxi, Anxi Tieguanyin has shown remarkable performance. As we all know, the diet of residents in Northwest China is heavy oil and salt, mostly meat. Tieguanyin Anxi is more and more popular in the market because of its special effect of degreasing, digestion aid and the neutral character of not cold and not hot. In Shaanxi, since this year, sales of mass tea at retail prices of 200-500 yuan/kg have risen by more than 30%; in Gansu, the number of Tieguanyin stores in Anxi accounts for 40% in Gansu tea market; in Inner Mongolia, sales of Tieguanyin in Anxi have risen by 10% compared with the same period last year, and retail unit price has risen by 15%. In recent years, Anxi tea merchants have been actively expanding the market, and the market share of Guangxi and Hainan has doubled. Anxi Tieguanyin has become the main choice of tea drinks for residents of the two provinces. In Hainan, the sales of Luzhou-flavor Tieguanyin in Anxi have doubled in the past two years. In Guangxi, Anxi tea merchants actively participate in the investment and construction of tea market, and their influence is increasing day by day.