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Jinlong Yuzhu Tea Co., Ltd. was established in September 2006. Under the jurisdiction of Jinzhai County Datuanshan Tea Farm, Jinzhai County Tea Variety Demonstration Farm and six Jinlong Yuzhu Tea Direct Sales Offices, is a large-scale franchised tea company that integrates breeding of fine varieties, research and development of famous tea and promotion of chain sales brands.

The company has 120 mu cutting garden, 500 mu mother garden harvesting garden 2800 Mu high quality seed base and organic tea production base. The independent intellectual property "Jinlong Yuzhu" trademark was awarded "Anhui Famous Trademark", and the company was recognized as the leading enterprise of municipal agricultural industrialization. Picking Garden is located in the upstream of Meishan Reservoir, with an elevation of nearly kilometers, crowded peaks, pine and bamboo forests, Feiquan Rungu, and aromatic herbs. Because of the high mountain climate, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and there are no pests and diseases in tea plantations. In 2004, it was certified by China Agricultural Organic Tea Certification Center. Because of its natural essence and unique shape, Jinlong Yuzhu Tea is located at the junction of Meishan Reservoir and Xianghongxun Reservoir, embraced by peaks such as Ershan Mountain, with unique climate, picturesque parks and complete varieties. National leaders Zeng Qinghong, Huiliangyu and Wang Taihua have visited the parks and been subjected to inspection. High evaluation of provincial, municipal and county leaders.

In 2006, it introduced the first famous tea processing line in the province, and devoted itself to the research, development, processing, production and promotion of "Jinlong Yuzhu", "Luan Guapian" and "Jinzhai Jianmu". The company won the famous trademark of Anhui Province in 2006 and the title of China's high-quality products in June 2007. The company has superior environment, abundant resources and huge potential, which needs to be developed urgently. The company warmly welcomes people of insight at home and abroad to come for tea sightseeing, investment and development.