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Yixing will resume mining of purple sand mine.

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Our country's high quality purple sand mud is only produced in Dingshu area of our city, which is the essence of pottery. The purple sand mud produced not only has rich color and good plasticity, but also has excellent physical properties. It is the raw material of clay, quartz and mica system symbiotic minerals. After firing at high temperature, the pottery made by it produces residual quartz and mica debris. Mullite, hematite, magnet and double porosity structure. The double stomatal structure makes the purple sand tea set breathable and impermeable. The brewing tea can keep the soup color and tea fragrance, and stay overnight without deterioration.

It is reported that in 2004, the Municipal People's Congress passed the Bill on Strengthening the Protection and Development of Yixing Purple Sand, and issued seven policy opinions. One of them is the "ban on mining" promulgated in mid-April 2005: temporarily freezing the exploitation of purple sand and soil to realize the scientific utilization of purple sand resources. The implementation of "Purple Sand Bill" and "Prohibition of Purple Sand Collection Order" has achieved scientific and rational utilization of resources within a certain period of time and comprehensive protection of the sustainable development of purple sands industry. The decision of the municipal government to resume the exploitation of purple sand mine is an important decision to promote the healthy development of Yixing purple sand industry after facing the new situation in the new period and scientifically judging the current market demand of purple sand and the expectations of the vast number of purple sand practitioners and operators.