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Fig jasmine tea 300 grams of king made 104 thousand ten civilized tea houses announced.

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On the 19th, 300 grams of Fuzhou Jasmine Tea King was finally sold at a record price of 104,000 yuan at the 2012 Fuzhou Tea Industry Spring Tea Fair hosted by Fuzhou Strait Tea Exchange Association, Fuzhou Agricultural Bureau and Fuzhou Civilization Office.

"104 thousand yuan, third times, deal!" On the morning of the 19th, with a hammer, 300 grams of Fuzhou Jasmine Tea King was photographed by Mr. Guo, general manager of Fujian Huali Trading Company, after more than 20 rounds of competition. Mr. Guo said that he was a Cangshan native. He had been doing wine and olive oil business in Italy all the year round. He had grown up smelling the fragrance of jasmine flowers. He had special feelings for jasmine tea. When he returned home, he knew that there was an auction of Jasmine Tea King.

It is understood that in October last year, Fuzhou Strait Tea Exchange Association and Fuzhou Agricultural Society jointly organized the third Jasmine Tea King Competition in Fuzhou City, and evaluated 54 varieties selected by Fuzhou Jasmine Tea Enterprises. Six "Tea Kings" were selected as "State Guest Gift Tea" from Fuzhou Tea Factory and "Fujian Chunlun Tea Company". "Fangshan dew bud" and "jasmine dragon stick", "national jade pearl" and "national jade butterfly" selected by Fuzhou Fuzhou Fumin Tea Co., Ltd., and "silver banyan silver" selected by Fujian Aofeng Minrong Tea Co., Ltd. The subject matter of the auction is made up of the six great tea kings.

At the meeting, it was also awarded the top ten civilized teahouses in Fuzhou in 2011. These ten best civilized teahouses are: Chunlun Famous Tea Club, Chunlun Xuan, Fujian Banyan Tea Industry Shaoyuan Club (Fuzhou Jasmine Tea Cultural Creative Theme Hall), Tianhai Tea Club, Drunken Tea Industry, Jiufeng Tea, Mantang Fragrant Tea Club, Quiet Tea Visiting Tea Industry, Another Tianchayi Residence and Shu Shu. Xin Cao tea room.