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Tea in the mountains, Jinlong Yuzhu tea, Beijing International Tea Exhibition

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June 19-June 22, China Tea Circulation Association, Beijing Xicheng District People's Government and Yunnan Lincang Municipal People's Government co-sponsored the "2015 Beijing International Tea Industry Exhibition, 2015 Beijing Maliandao International Tea Culture Exhibition, China Lincangxia World Tea Industry Promotion Fair" China Tea First in Beijing Exhibition Hall and Maliandao Jinlong Yuzhu tea produced by Jinzhai Jinlong Yuzhu Tea Co., Ltd. was invited to participate as a famous and excellent tea product in Luan, Anhui Province.

This exhibition covers an area of 24,000 square metres and is divided into comprehensive exhibition areas for top 100 enterprises, black tea areas, green tea and white tea areas, Lincang exhibition areas, Guizhou exhibition areas, Huangshan exhibition areas, Lu'an exhibition areas, Fuding exhibition areas, Fuzhou exhibition areas, Xinyang exhibition areas, Taiwan exhibition areas, International Exhibition areas, tea utensils areas, tea culture areas, tea table design areas and media areas. Wait.

Little lorry is the first time to drink tea. Do you like our golden dragon pearl tea?

Jinlong Yuzhu tea, famous tea, is produced in Quan Jun Xiang, Jinzhai county. Over the years, the office of the State Council has been designated to use tea. Round waist shape, compact granules, round and shiny, after brewing, the soup is clear and bright, fragrant and high, mellow and fresh taste, sweet aftertaste, is the preferred gift tea.